Introducing.. A New PC Simulator from Jason Dial That Will Redefine THIS World..

Suez Canal Simulator

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A Commercial-Grade PC Simulator.. Drive 1:1 Scale Ships Thru The World Famous Suez Canal!


                                                                       Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 4am PDT

For Immediate Release

Suez Canal Simulator Is Now Available On Steam

Today, PC game developer Jason Dial announced the release of his much-anticipated Suez Canal Simulator. The game launched today on Steam and is now available for purchase and download to your Steam Library. Experience a 1-to-1 scale journey through Egypt and travel through the man-made waterway that changed the world, the Suez Canal. This is the world’s first bucket list software, and a journey everyone should take.

Also, Dial announced that the world-famous container ship, the Ever Given, is currently under construction and will be available as a DLC add-on for Suez Canal Simulator in a few weeks. Carefully navigate your way though the Suez Canal in the 400-meter long ship that kept the world on the edge of its seat for a week in March – see if you have what it takes to pilot one of the largest ships ever constructed through Egypt from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

Dial also announced the ‘Yellow Fleet Trapped In The Suez Canal’ add-on DLC for Suez Canal Simulator. Experience being trapped on a ship in the Suez Canal for a full seven years as war between Egypt and Israel rages all around you. The ultimate simulation for the ultimate hardcore PC gamer. The ‘Yellow Fleet’ DLC will be available this summer. Visit to find out more.

And finally, Dial announced his next great project, Panama Canal Simulator, coming to Steam in August. A journey through the Panama Canal is truly on everyone’s bucket list and soon you’ll be able to take that journey from home anytime you want. Pilot real ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific at 100 feet above sea level through the Panamanian jungle. The Panama Canal Steam Store page is live for viewing and those who desire may visit the Steam Store and add it to their Steam Wishlist. The developer said he will be hosting a closed beta through his Discord server in July and fans of the Panama Canal who wish to participate in the beta are invited to join the Panama Canal Simulator Discord through the link on the website.

With Suez Canal Simulator and Panama Canal Simulator, Jason Dial truly is the Ferdinand de Lesseps of the digital age. “This is just the beginning – it is my goal to recreate all the great journeys of the world for all the people of the world to enjoy,” said Dial. “Wait until you see what I have for you in my third act,” said Dial, “I’ll give you a hint – it’s coming in the gales of November.” You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for that one.

Suez Canal Simulator is available now on Steam.



I am Jason Dial, a software developer from the U.S. Suez Canal Simulator is the culmination of years of research, planning, trial and error, graphical and code refinement, and the sculpting by hand of not just every cubic meter of the Suez Canal but also the Mediterranean and Red Sea approaches leading to it. To build this software, I have spent years in the Suez Canal and what an amazing journey it has been. This started as all great games do - I wanted to drive ships in the Suez Canal and the only way that could happen was if I built it myself. Then the Even Given brought the Suez Canal to the world's attention and it became obvious that the time is right to share it with the world. Now I invite you and everyone to take this journey with me. The Suez Canal is the most important waterway in the world. It is in mankind's interest to know it and understand it. And to protect it.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, I can be reached at:   developer at

Press may also find full resoluton images on the Screenshots page of this website.

Thank you for your time and for all you do for this industry.

-Jason Dial, Developer, Suez Canal Simulator

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